Hoof - Take back the Reins

'Hoof' is an exciting course we are pleased to offer to anyone that would like to take back the reins after time away from horse riding. Perhaps you are a Mum who is keen to reestablish her childhood love for horse riding, or a mature adult who has spent the last few years away from the saddle and would like to pick up where you left off?


Combining our staff's experience with 'Hoof', a British Equestrian Federation initiative, we are pleased to offer you a series of five horse riding lessons with like minded riders who are keen to get back into the saddle. We'll teach you everything you need to learn so by the end of the course you can canter and do basic jumping. You will receive a certificate to say you have completed the course after the five lessons.


Each Group lesson is £23 and will last an hour. If you pay for your five lesson course in full before your first lesson we will be happy to offer you a discounted rate of £20 per lesson.


Each course will have a maximum of five riders taking part and, depending on customer demand, we will run two sets of courses on different days during the week.




Find out more about 'Hoof' by click on the logo above.

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'Hoof' is an initiative lead by the British Equestrian Federation